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In addition to the Membership Site, we offer one-to-one sessions and courses to assist you to work with your intuition in different ways. 

Sonia’s Tarot & You offers a one-hour online Tarot reading that can help you more clearly understand any challenge or situation you are currently facing. Once you recognise what is going on, it then offers you steps to navigate and move beyond it.  Sonia also does the Energy of the Month and the Steps from the Tarot perspective on the Membership site. If you would like to learn how to work with the Tarot energy, Sonia also teaches Introduction to the Tarot

Orla’s Star of Your Own Show gives you the practical tools you need to share you and your message out into the world. Her courses make it easy to work with your intuition to create your own content – both images and videos – and also stream your own show onto your own social media platforms or from your website.

Tarot & You

If you are ready to make a change in your life and see what you can understand and move beyond through the Tarot energy, click the button below to sign up for a one-to-one session. 

Session Duration: 1 hour
Fee: NZ$180 per session 

“I recently had a mini Tarot session with Sonia. Sonia intuitively found the energy from the cards, kept the message simple and gave me something practical to work with.”

Anam – Australia

Introduction to the Tarot Course

Learn how to work with the Tarot’s energy at a deeper level through connecting to the energies and spreads. 4 sessions over 4 weeks.
Fee: NZD480 Format: Online

Star of your own Show

If you’re ready to share what you have to offer with the wider world and would love to learn the tools and techniques that can assist you, click the button below to sign up for one or both of the 2 courses on offer. 

Canva Course – learn how to make image posts and videos and schedule them on your own social media channels … and have fun in the process! 3 sessions over 3 weeks.

Fee: NZ$349 for the course
Format: Online

Streamyard Sessions – Learn how to broadcast yourself and your message on your own Show with confidence! 2 sessions over 2 weeks.

Fee: NZ$245 for the course
Format: Online

(plus GST for NZ residents)


“For anyone who wants to share their message on social media, this course gives FAST results. After 3 sessions, I’ve cancelled my contract with my social media person and am now making my own! Orla’s course is fun, affordable, with clear practical instructions … and what it opens up is amazing!.”

Glynis – Vanuatu

If you are not sure if these courses are for you, send us an email and we can have a 5-minute chat about it!