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Get to know yourself better and from a different perspective through working with Sonia’s offerings on the Tarot, and Hesitation & Resistance. She is also an Essential Archetype Accredited Mentor by Insight Teachings. 

Tarot Readings

Do you want to know how to navigate through your challenges? Are you looking for clarity? 

In my Tarot reading, you can gain a clearer understanding about your own situation, what solutions are available to you now and what new outcomes are possible when you take different steps.  

Fee: 30 min reading – NZ$100*/60 min reading NZ$200*

Format: Online via Zoom

*Plus GST for NZ residents

Clock Tarot Readings for 2023

Are you wondering what may be available to you in 2023? What energy you may be working on each month? You can find out with a Clock Tarot Reading. If you are ready to book a reading and discover what is in store for you, email me. 

Fee: NZ$185* *Plus GST for NZ residents

Hesitation & Resistance

Do you procrastinate? Is there something that you really want e.g. in your career, relationships or financial situation but you don’t know how to get it or you are too afraid to make the first step? In this webinar, I am going to help you how to identify your own Hesitation and Resistance why you hold onto them? More importantly, how you can change that so that you are free from your own limitations and begin to take steps to live the life you want. 

Fee: NZ$165*

Format: 3 hour webinar (with a 15 min break)

*Plus GST for NZ residents

Introduction to the Tarot Course

Are you interested in working with the Tarot but have no idea where to begin? Do you  want to learn how to work with the Tarot on an Intuitive Level. In this introduction course, I am going to teach you how to connect with the energy, how to work with the Major Arcana and some spreads.  More importantly, I will share with you some exercises and techniques that have helped me tremendously when I was exploring the Tarot. 

Fee: NZ$400*

Format: 4 x 1 hour online lessons

*Plus GST for NZ residents

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Any Questions?

Tarot is a simple and powerful tool but it is not dangerous. It tells us the situation we are in and the possible way out if we work with the energy it offers. It is non-religious. 

All are welcome to work with the Tarot. If you are interested in working with your own Intuition, it is a really good and gently way to start. It doesn’t need you to buy any books or remember any formulas. In fact, the less mental energy you use, the easier it is!

If you’d like to have the lottery numbers, most likely you won’t get them! If you are looking for understanding yourself and your own situation, Tarot can give you clarity. It can make your life so much easier. 

Yes definitely. Just send me an email and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and how it may help you. 

I’d highly recommend you join our Membership Site and take a look at the Beyond 2020 module as it may help you be more familiar with some of the terms during the webinar. 

Yes you can. However, you may find it more beneficial if you are aware of the terms energy, meditation, and protection. You can find more about these terms on the Free Foundational Level of our Membership Site.

Absolutely. What we offer at the moment is an introduction. If you need personal assistance or want to get to know yourself fuller, we also offer Essential Archetypes Mentoring or Working with the Tarot at a deeper level. 

Yes we do. If you are an Intuitive Level member and have referred a friend who signed up for the Intuitive Level, we’d like to thank you by offering  you a free 15 minute private session that you can claim within a year. The readings vary from a 3-card Tarot reading, a Discover what your Essential Archetypes are, or a private 15 min 1-on-1 Relaxation Meditation. 

I am an Essential Archetypes Accredited Mentor by Insight Teachings.  

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