Come and explore our Membership Site – a safe place filled with practical spiritual courses to assist you in discovering how your intuition talks to you, guides you and is always there for you! It’s a place where you can relax, recharge and freely explore. Once you step inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom, courses, exercises, tips, tools and meditations to work with at your own pace and in your own way. It’s all about following your intuition and what’s it’s guiding you to do. And the magic that often occurs as a consequence!

This is our FREE level and offers meditations, courses and tools to help you to create your spiritual structure. If you are a complete beginner to your Intuitive journey, this is a great place to begin. If you are further on, it’s a place you can visit to consolidate your foundation.

Courses include:

How to Meditate

How to Journal

Energy & You

4 Ways to Identify your Purpose

plus an introduction to the energy of the Tarot and the Moon!

This is our paid level and is where you can access everything our Membership Site offers for just NZ$39 per month or NZ$390 per year* including 2 months FREE. There are 4 areas to discover!

The Bridge where you will find meditations that bridge from the Foundational Level to the Intuitive Level

Getting to Know You where you will find courses to assist you to understand your personality and your Soul

Universal Wisdom where you can discover the wisdom of the Master John the Beloved through his Talks, and the Universal Laws.

Healing where you can learn about different healing modalities and how to work with them for the benefit of yourself and others

(*plus GST where applicable)

These Are A Few of our Favourite Courses!

You’ll find Beyond 2020, Music, Hugs & Spirit, Introduction to Astrology, and John’s Monthly Talks in the Intuitive Level of your 7-Day Free Trial.

"If you are reading this, your intuition has led you to a great place which is warm and welcoming 😊. There are so many brilliant resources here to explore, enjoy and feed your soul. I love listening to John The Beloved’s wisdom, tuning into the Moon meditations or just seeing where my intuition prompts me. Highly recommended!"

What’s Inside?