I met Helen and Tony Barton, and John the Beloved 22 years ago in Hong Kong. The very fact that I was living in Hong Kong in order to be able to meet them on that fateful day was itself an outcome of following a prompt from my Intuition! (But that’s a whole other story involving Sri Lanka and a bottle of gin!  Let me know if you’d like to hear it someday.) However, my point is that since then, I’ve been following my intuitive path through many of the courses you’ll find here in the Membership Site as well as other tools, tips and trainings from my teachers.  I’m a student of the Seven Spiritual Truths, a lover of astrology (with a soft spot for the Moon) a big fan of wine and an expert in talking. Actually if I had a motto, it would be Orla Breeze – using more words than necessary since 1972! Working with my Intuition has been – and continues to be – the greatest adventure I have ever taken.  I hope you are inspired to join the adventure too through everything we offer here for your Intuition and you!


In 2011, I met Helen, Tony and John The Beloved.  At that time, Helen was offering the course Beyond 2012 (now called Beyond 2020). I didn’t know what it was but I felt that is was something for me. I also didn’t know that prompting was called Intuition. That course kicked off my spiritual journey, and a decade later, I’m still exploring my journey. Since then I have started working  with the Tarot and become an accredited Essential Archetypes Mentor by Insight Teachings. Even though I have worked with most of the courses offered in this Membership Site, I am continuously amazed by the depth within all the materials offered. I really hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do. I am not going to say that everything will be sweet and nice. There will be ups and downs. However, you are not walking this path alone. 

About the Membership Site

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