• Are you ready to connect with your intuition and listen to the messages it brings?
  • Maybe you’re seeking answers to the challenges you face or wondering where your next opportunity may lead?
  • If so, we invite you to explore the many ways you can work with your own intuition here at Intuition and You.

August’s Energy of the Month

If you’d like to know what energy is available to you to work with this month, watch the videos below where we will share from the Astrological and Tarot perspective. If you want to know how to navigate this month step by step, you can find more videos on the Foundational level in our membership site

What’s On in August?

"Simple yet not simplistic. The well-explained short self-paced courses with practical exercises can be transformative resources for a lifetime. I often revisit the 11 Steps to Meditation and Guarding the Elements to find new understanding I had previously glossed over. I look forward to the downloadable monthly John’s talks and the themed guided meditations for each new and full moon that offers yet another dimension to learn and work with the energies. Intuition and You is a gift for anyone, whether to begin or to enrich their growth personally and to uncover more of what meets the eye."
Hong Kong

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