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"I look forward to the downloadable monthly John’s Talks and the themed guided meditations for each New and Full moon that offers yet another dimension to learn and work with the energies. The Membership Site is a gift for anyone, whether to begin or to enrich their growth personally and to uncover more of what meets the eye."
Karen, Hong Kong
“There is so much here to learn and have fun with, it's like your own magical library. It is also a great place to connect and meet like minded people to learn from each other and share together. Each time I visit I find more things to spend time enjoying. I have done a number of the courses and they have been invaluable to me in understanding myself, others, energy the list goes on. Even after years I am still engaged, excited and growing.”
Olive, Ireland
“If you are reading this, your intuition has led you to a great place which is warm and welcoming 😊. There are so many brilliant resources here to explore, enjoy and feed your soul. I love listening to John The Beloved’s wisdom, tuning into the Moon meditations or just seeing where my intuition prompts me. Highly recommended.”
Amanda, Australia

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